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from Pepa T. Heller, Event Director
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First of all, the Tattoo & Art Extravaganza team wants to say a huge thank you to all our supporters, great and large!

At a time when the world was beginning to feel the impact of the Covid virus, we’re pumped that the 2020 Tattoo & Art Extravaganza was such an incredible weekend for everyone involved.

Our goal has always, and will always be, to bring the top echelon of international tattoo artists to Aotearoa, giving them a chance to enjoy our unique country, and to work and play alongside NZ’s very own best of the best. And as we all know, travel is seriously restricted right now.

Due to this, our team has made the hard decision to postpone the 2022 Tattoo & Art Extravaganza until we can get all those top international tattoo artists that we’re all dying to see and get tattooed by in NZ.

Our team is excited to get back to work creating the always amazing weekend of tattoos, art, culture, and community the Tattoo & Art Extravaganza brings to Aotearoa.

Wherever you are in the world, stay safe, wash your hands, and be kind to each other!

The Tattoo & Art Extravaganza team
Pepa, Mo & Chris


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