Privacy Information

Data Protection Policy

How we deal with information about you.

What types of personal data are collected through the contact form?

We are collecting personal data about artists, vendors and volunteers participating at our event. This will be their name, studio, contact details and social profiles. In most cases these are publicly listed profiles used for promotion of the artists’ work.

For international artists from countries other than Australia and Samoa, we also require their legal name, passport number, nationality and detes of travel. This info is required by NZ immigration authorities to process their arrival in prompt fashion.

We also process and store information sent through our enquiry/contact us forms.

We do not collect any consumer payment information, such as credit card numbers. These are handled by EventFinda via their payment interface.

For what purposes are those data necessary?

We only collect data required for organising the event. Studio or artist info is used for booth bookings and for promoting artists to the public.

Who can access the data?

Data is stored securely on 3rd party servers. It is only accessed by employees of NZTE Ltd or their appointed contractors and partners.

Are the data stored in some way? If so, where and for how long are they stored?

Data are stored on 3rd party cloud provider platforms. These might be AWS in Sydney, and GCP in the US.

Our retention policy is maximum of 5 years.

Are the data shared with third-party entities? If so, who are they?

We try to minimise the data we share with external parties. In all cases we only share your private information with NZ immigration and only if we’re required to do so.

In which country will the data be processed?

We process your information in NZ. However, please note that servers used to store your info are placed in many different countries around the world. This is to protect and strengthen the reliability of the store solution.

We do not have control over which data centres are used to store your info.

What security measures are taken to protect the data?

We only allow limited number of staff or hand-picked contractors to access your data and only for reasons hightlighted above.

Can data subjects request exporting or deleting their data?

You can ask us to delete your non-public information at any time. This might affect your ability to take part at the event, should your information might be required for border agencies.

Updated: 03/05/2019